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Cannabis is a hot topic in today’s banking environment. Given the concerns that it has yet to be fully decriminalized nationally, some institutions choose to steer clear of this area. However, many states allow for varying degrees of legal activity, leading to the need for cannabis-related businesses to find banking partners. Many institutions across the nation are starting to enter this banking space. Financial institutions have the opportunity on this front, providing these services fit into their overall risk tolerance, and they appropriately strategize how it can fit into their business model.



Paul Dunford, ACBP, CAMS, Green Check Verified

Paul Dunford is Co-founder and VP of Knowledge at Green Check Verified. Paul is an active member of the cannabis banking regulatory community, contributing to trade publications and speaking virtually and in-person across the country on the subject.

Laura Hickson, CAMS, Dedham Savings

Laura Hickson, CAMS is currently Vice President, BSA & Security Officer at Dedham Savings in Dedham, Massachusetts. Laura has been in banking, specifically specializing in BSA/AML compliance since 2010.

Throughout Laura’s career, she has held positions from BSA Analyst to Assistant BSA Officer before becoming a BSA Officer at Dedham Savings, working at community banks to midsize banks overseeing and developing the BSA/AML, OFAC and Fraud compliance program.

Laura received her bachelor’s degree from Westfield State University in Business and her MBA from New England College of Business & Finance in Business Administration, BA.

Mary Mumper-Morrison, AAP, APRP, CAMS, NEACH

Mary Mumper-Morrison serves as the Director of Education for NEACH and Lead Advisor of its subsidiary, NEACH Payments Group (NPG).  She is based in New Haven, Connecticut and is focused primarily on addressing compliance and risk issues.

Mary has worked in banking for over 20 years.  She began her career as an Item Processing clerk at First Chicago NBD; and has since worked as a Proof and Deposit Operations Supervisor/Manager at various community banks in Michigan.  Most recently Mary worked in the fintech/banking-as-service sector, first as Vice President of Banking Operations and for the last three years as Vice President & Lead Auditor.

Mary holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Southern New Hampshire University.  She has been certified by NACHA as an Accredited ACH Professional since 2011 and received her CAMS certification in 2020.

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