Angie Smith

Angie Smith


Check Payments Update
June 30, 2022 | 10:10 am ET

Session Description:

As payments continue to evolve, check payments are no different. Come hear the latest changes that have taken place with Fed adjustments that will help you mitigate your risk. This session will include how to handle processing issues surrounding special items like cashier checks, money orders, savings bonds and treasury checks. Other warranties and indemnities that can be used to decrease your risk levels under check rules and regulations will also be highlighted.

Speaker Bio:

Angie is a recognized industry expert in both paper and electronic payments regulation. She has over thirty-seven years of payments experience and has worked for leading payments organizations, including Federal Reserve Bank, Viewpointe, and MACHA-The Mid-Atlantic Payments Association. She consults to financial institutions in the areas of payments regulations and process improvement. Angie has an extensive background in the development and implementation of policies and procedures relating to check/image processing, exception processing, and Remote Deposit Capture product offerings.

Angie currently serves as the Senior Vice President of Professional Development Events at WesPay, where she is responsible for member programs supporting the AAP, APRP and NCP accreditations. She is also responsible for the development and execution of the WesPay Certificate programs relating to ACH, Check and Payments Risk.

Prior to joining WesPay, Angie spent seven years at various regional payments associations and was responsible for managing education and consulting services to financial services. Angie was the director of education where she was responsible for training various financial institutions relating to check processing and image exchange rules and processes. Prior to working in the payments association arena, Angie spent over thirteen years at the Federal Reserve Bank, where she was responsible for processing handling of checks, returns and adjustment.

Angie holds two Bachelor of Arts Degree, one in Psychology and another in Organizational Management.

Angie currently serves on the ECCHO Editorial Board for the NCPC Program, the ECCHO Ops Committee and the ECCHO Exceptions Working Group. Angie is currently a member of the  Payments Innovation Alliance. She also holds an AAP and NCP accreditation.