Dan Miller

Dan Miller

Opus Research

Demystifying What Conversational Payments Are
May 11, 2021 | 1:00 pm ET

Co-Presenter(s): Mark DixonNirmal Kumar, Nanci McKenzie, Matt Luzadder

​Session Description:

We once associated talking to the computer with shows like Star Trek. Visions of Captain Picard requesting ship diagnostics or even his famous “tea, earl grey, hot” line come to mind. But the technology of conversational AI has become a reality in our society. We are able to communicate with devices like Alexa, Google, Siri, and others and have our requests answered and potentially even acted upon. This is where conversational payments enter the stage and start to take shape. How does this technology work? What should an FI be asking when considering implementing this technology? And what concerns arise when we begin to give ancillary devices access to sensitive financial information? Come join us for this informative session where we will delve into how we can take the mystery out of conversational payments.

Speaker Bio:

Dan Miller founded Opus Research in 1986 and helped define Conversational Commerce through consulting engagements and by authoring scores of reports, advisories and newsletters addressing business opportunities that reside where automated speech and natural language processing leverages Web services, mobility and enterprise software.

As Director of the New Electronic Media Program at LINK Resources from 1980-1983, he helped define one of the first continuous advisory services in the information industry. He then held management positions at Atari, Warner Communications and Pacific Telesis Group (now part of AT&T). He edited and published Telemedia News & Views, a highly-regarded monthly newsletter regarding developments in voice processing and intelligent network services. 

Dan received his BA from Hampshire College and an MBA from Columbia University Graduate School of Business.