Diana Kern

Diana Kern


The Changing Landscape of Debit Card Fraud and Error Claim Compliance
June 30, 2022 | 11:10 am ET

​Session Description:

Debit cards are a staple payment method – their convenience and ease of use make them an attractive option despite an ever-changing payments environment. But, like all payment methods, there are risk and fraud elements to understand. This session provides an overview of processes for handling errors, including unauthorized claims, while ensuring compliance with Regulation E and the card networks. Together we’ll examine requirements for processing cardholder claims, following the global networks’ chargeback rules, and managing the time frames for merchants and card issuers. You’ll also gain perspective on fraud data in the industry, and among your peers, for comparison when analyzing your own.

Speaker Bio:

A veteran financial services trainer, Diana’s well respected for her vast knowledge of the payments industry. With that knowledge comes the experience to understand a financial institution’s inner workings and then train staff on products and services related to the card payments system, the ACH network, and EFT compliance.

Clients appreciate the way Diana can help them connect detailed operations concepts like fraud mitigation, exceptions handling, interchange, and ROI to their day-to-day responsibilities. She can explain seemingly complicated things in a simple, relatable way, helping them understand what it means to them.

Always on target as a guest speaker, audiences welcome her insights on payments trends and emerging payments. A self-described payments nerd, Diana’s enthusiasm and passion for all things payments results in a high-energy presentation.

SHAZAM service: 27 years