Patricia McMaster

Patricia McMaster

Bureau of Fiscal Service

Automated Reclamation Processing System (ARPS)
June 30, 2022 | 10:10 am ET

Session Description:

The U.S Treasury is the largest single Originator in the ACH Network today. Payments originated by the federal government – more than one billion entries annually - affect all financial institutions in many ways, including exception processing. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear how the Bureau of the Fiscal Service is seeking to reduce costs and increase efficiency within ACH Reclamation’s. This session provides an overview and demonstration of the new Automated Reclamation Processing System and how to become a user.

Speaker Bio:

Patricia A McMaster is a Lead Analyst to the Legal Administrative Team (ACH Reclamations and Check Claims), in Philadelphia. Patricia has been working for the Bureau of the Fiscal Service for over 27 years. Patricia started out in the mailroom and has worked her way up to her current position, having many different titles along the way.  Patricia is also the Subject Matter Expert when it comes to the ACH reclamation and Check Claims processes.  Patricia was part of the team that helped create the ARPS system by assisting in the development of the electronic version of the FS-133, currently available in